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Green steps to a better environment

Podington Green Steps

We can all play our part to ensure that our world and our environment continues to support us for future generations. Podington Garden Centre recognises this and has produced a three step environmental policy to recognise and work towards our goals of sustainability and improvement of our environment.

Our ‘green steps' logo will be found on products, notices and information leaflets demonstrating our commitment as well as helping you to choose products or find information so that you can help too. You can download a copy of our Green Steps leaflet here.

Green steps 

Reduce and re-use

We aim to ensure that the majority of our waste (paper, cardboard, glass, food) is recycled responsibly. Our waste management partner carries out sorting of our skipped waste remotely.

Steps are being taken to reduce our electricity requirements by up to 60% through the use of more cutting edge low energy lighting, more efficient IT and site equipment.

 Green steps


We strive to help educate our customers and local community to what green steps they can take to reduce and re-use as well as make better greener buying decisions.

These subjects include: the parts plants play in our environment; home composting; water harvesting and water usage; the alternatives to peat; organic/chemical free gardening choices; sustainable buying choices.

 Green steps

Trade responsibly and fairly

Our buyers are advised to buy ethically, using Fair Trade products wherever available. Checking the source of materials used in products to ensure that sustainable policies are withheld.

Packaging should be minimised. Products will be purchased with minimal packaging in mind and avoiding the use of unnecessary point of sale materials.


Up to date green steps news

Visit our web site regularly where you will find further details together with downloadable information sheets and links to other helpful sites.

Why we need plants

The overwhelming evidence is that planting - in gardens, around factories, alongside roads - can only benefit our environment. We all need plants to produce life giving oxygen and control pollution. Let's not forget the exercise and feeling of wellbeing that the action of gardening and planting plants provides. For 10 reasons why we need plants, find out more here.

Podington's position on peat

We have produced a separate leaflet detailing our policy on peat and it's reduction in use. Almost all of the growing media we supply is either peat-reduced (60-90% peat) or peat free. Find out more about Podington's Position on Peat here.

FSC and Podington Garden Centre

Podington Garden Centre have a policy to source products from suppliers who hold valid FSC accreditation certificates (or equivalent sustainability policies) for wood based materials in their products - where available the FSC logo will be displayed along with their certification number. Further information may be obtained from the Forest Stewardship Council via their web site

Waste Electronic Equipment or WEEE

Podington Garden Centre is a member of the distributor take back scheme (DTS). We make a financial contribution toward the development of the Government network of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) collection facilities in the UK. For advice on all aspects of recycling, including recycling of waste electronic equipment (WEEE), please visit where you can find out locations of collection points near to you.

Podington recycle our packaging

Goods are delivered to Podington in outer cases to ensure that the goods arrive to us in good condition. We make every effort to re-use this packaging either to pack orders from our web-site for delivery or made available for customers to carry their goods home thereby reducing the need for bags.

Be wise with water

Water is our most valuable resource so we must take care to use it wisely and waste as little as possible. We need water to keep our plants alive, flush toilets, wash hands, clean dishes and make a cup of tea to name but a few.

We are continuously finding ways to conserve water and have written a leaflet How to use less water to encourage you to do the same. Take a look at water butts to store water and make use of micro-irrigation to use just the water you need. Ask one of our team for advice or visit for lots more information.


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